Yesterday was a rough day and I had to take an extreme decision: dismiss a team member. I’m constantly evaluating how some members of my team are dealing with the work like 100% of the company owners all around. How my team members are dealing with critics, the feedback me/my team give on the work they do. I mean, that’s damn important. We are trying to build a startup to survive the great amount of noise on the digital world. Luckily, the market where I am isn’t too noisy yet. But still, we need to apply pragmatism and we must not be romantic to our shit there.

this monitoring has been happening for a few months now, and unfortunately I have to take a rough decision. On my mind, I am not trying to hurt that person I have to do do something about. I want that person, that professional to grow and success more than I do in the future. For few months I’ve been constantly deploying knowledge, experience I obtained working with very good professionals of digital marketing, IT and business making, from countries such as Ireland, England, Netherlands and even Americans. When I suggest something, when I change the direction the work is going, I’m focusing on two main points:

  1. I want to guide that person to accomplish the best they can;
  2. I want to build a different company to the geographical market I’m working on.

I’m not romantic

Many, many, innumerable small business/startup owners get too romantic, emotional on whatever they are doing. I mean, romanticism is important while doing business, but being obsessed about sentiments and feelings about our work, can be dangerous, not only for the business itself but also for you and your team. At the same time, pragmatism is key.

I’m trying to show this controversial question to my team, and some members are dealing with it the way I expected – which in a nutshell is being pragmatic and don’t overthink shit – and I love it. Other members on the other hand, aren’t seeing the big picture, and they truly believe they are trying to hold themselves on spiderwebs (yes, it’s a Portuguese saying).

My first dismiss decision

Yesterday I took the decision to dismiss a member of my team. After 6 months of opportunities how to deal with the pressure of the business we are creating, after innumerable 101 chats, with personal growth strategies, after many links with good resources to learn more about a job, even videos that teach certain part of their job – the inevitable arises – it’s enough for me and my team.

If I feel the team’s productivity, mood and creativity is going down, then we have to cut the member causing that. That comes to the basic principle of removing toxic people from your friend circles – the same principle applies to companies, and don’t be romantic about them – but deeply care about their future. Getting fired from a big bank organisation was the best thing that happened to me few years ago. Now I can behave properly and act politically correct inside these organisations. (Thanks Frank for dismiss me from your team!)

Team building

My strategy is to deploy enormous amount of energy on my team, to bring them to the best of their potential – we need leaders in the market, not followers.

So as that person in my team wasn’t trying to understand how to be a leader, was behaving romantically about the work, the feedback and the requests to do thing differently. That led me to take the decision yesterday took.

Now, another challenge will come: how will I deal with the team, to make them believe I am not willing to fire anyone just because, but there is a strong reason behind it?

Well that may be a challenge I’d say, their motivation can drop and might make them scared of working for me – but that’s exactly what I don’t want to. If you put yourself on your employer’s or client’s shoes, if you use empathy with them and stop being so selfish about your own thoughts and feelings, you will start to seeing the bigger picture on the organisation you work for. When you see the bigger picture, your motivation, strive will make you grind for results. You’ll become hustling to be the better women or men in the room.

Personal brand

my team individually are incentived to build a personal brand  I’m working on that with them. I don’t want them to be just regular employees, or just passive employees as if my company would be a mass production factory line. Every human must have goals, achievements they want to accomplish, that’s why I push them to create their personal brand attached to our business brand. I mean, if they leave he business one day, they will be prepared to another business. Probably they won’t even require a CV for the next job, as their personal brand is strong.

I want it for all of them, but most important, I want it for the ones that work(ed) with me.

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