Mondays – almost everybody hates them. Waking up so early after two days of rest, might be hard. Most of people separate their life in blocks of seven days, on which five are for work, two for rest. Even some business owners and entrepreneurs often have some difficulties to dislike Mondays.

As a business oriented minded I am, Mondays are very exciting and important for me. I wake up at around 6 a.m. every day, so I have time during the morning to consider what I am going to do during the day, write my Daily Brain Dump series, which helps me to have a retrospective of my latest days – I use this space not to tell what I am doing, as well to document my journey as entrepreneur.

Today specially is a very important day – I am having an important business meeting with a former employer. After I quit to make my small businesses become real ( and sixtyme), a former colleague and I had an idea to make another parallel business work for both us, as well our former employer.

Multitasking – is it really possible?

You, and many investors I met around may think: how can you focus on the right thing? Well, that is easy – at least for me. I strictly follow the following formula:

  • I split my week on what I want to focus – my clients,, sixtyme
  • STOP watching Casa de Papel”or the latest Game of Thrones series
  • Don’t waste your time reading about corrupt politics and stuff that makes you feel against the system
  • And the most important one: surround yourself with the ones that positively help you with to accomplish your dreams.

There is an old proverb that says:

“Person who chases two rabbits catches neither”

Yes, rabbits are fast and run a lot. On the other side of the table, I also know the Portuguese saying:

“Kill two rabbits with one shot”

Which in english language means “Killing two birds with one stone”.

That is my philosophy for business. And for many reasons. First, I need to build a network – on my case I want it to be at European level – more important in UK, Netherlands, Portugal and Spain. Second, I can use my own startups to provide services to each other out: for instance, sixtyme is being used to recruit for and for the startup my former colleague and I is creating it.

At the same time, on each part of the business, I have strong and solid business partners that help me to accomplish results – that’s why is having good results – in part for the team I have that allow me to only guide them on what to do, on the other hand my business partner on it.

I don’t know how you get sleep

This was a sentence from my collaborator at in Portugal – when she understands my hustle and my strong will to make shit happen in two different countries, and all the investments I make on both businesses – both by qualifying people, and sometime do myself the job (yes, for I am fully in charge for developing the partners dashboard (which looks great on people’s opinion).

We have 24 hours a day for living – I sleep 7-8 hours everyday – that’s my source for energy. When I wake up, I come out of my bed immediately. Do you think it’s easy? Do you think I don’t feel the morning laziness most of people feel? I do feel it. But I also fight it.

I want to wake up at 6 to start my day in great, so I can share my POV with you, so you can read my daily content, and perhaps get inspired to do the same. Then I go to work with clients, which is very important as I am committed with them to make their stuff happen on the best way, and at same time I am earning enough to invest on a qualified team to do their job.

Of course my team misses me, and they would like to have me more often on the office – but with that, they gain something it’s hard to find on the market: autonomy. Yes, I mean it – when I ask for A or B, and my team decides on C because makes more sense, I am freaking happy and proud of them, because they thought about the issue, and they made it happen!

Back to Mondays

Mondays are roughly 15% of your life. Enjoy them as much as you can. Don’t live for Friday evenings – it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy them – but make Mondays your day, the day you will win, the day you accomplish your postponed dreams.

While half of the world is saying I can’t accomplish what I want because I am focusing on two businesses, let me tell you: I am using every minute of my life to make shit happen.

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