Today my series Daily Brain Dump will be slightly different. I read this morning an article about – a blockchain social network, and I decided to make a video with my thoughts on that.

Check it out.

Minds – a blockchain social network

Also, you can check out my channel on (yes, user profiles are called channels).

My first experience

It’s a new concept of social network: they claim to be a Blockchain based social network, and they are full open source.

I went through some functionalities of it, and take a took to it urgently: it’s still pretty empty, and it may grow fast – time to get an audience over there.

You can write your own blogs on the platform, add videos, images, create groups. Also, the advertisements are embedded already, and you can Boost posts. I haven’t tried them yet, but as soon as I do, I will tell you how was it.

Right now, boosting a post to be seen 5.000 times, only costs $5. Which has a CPV of $0,001. I believe is worth to try it out.

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