– Can I help you?
– Sorry, I don’t have time now.

Yes, that happens every single day on many offices all around the world. People are lacking collaboration. Worse than that, people don’t want to collaborate because they fear their colleague is going to be better seen that themselves.

But I’m not talking about collaboration on a personal level or on a teammates collaboration, because that is a must on the world we live in.

Startups in Amsterdam

There are so many startups in Amsterdam. It’s the startup paradise along with cities like Berlin, Barcelona and others. Why is it a paradise? Because there are many? You might ask.

Because they collaborate with each other. Let me explain.

Most of the startups have a problem with funding. Or sometimes they have funding but they need to save money for other important things. However, these startups have a great service, and most likely are being disruptive on their area of expertise.

Given that, their neighbors, might also have great quality and provide great services. Now imagine startup A, gets advice or even services from the startup B in exchange of what startup A can provide to B.

This is a very nice way of showing this collaboration. Helping other companies by providing free, or almost free, services from their core business, it’s a way to get clients, grow the network, and more important – test your product.

Test your product

You may have the best unicorn product, but if you don’t test it – you are done with it. End of story.

Why do I say it?

Let’s talk about Sony. They were the best Walkman company, and they took a lot of time to develop the best Walkman in history. When they had it ready to test, everybody was using MP3 players.

Of course I’m exagerating here, but that gives you a clear example why collaboration with your neighbors or startup buddies is important: you can test your brand new features before they are released. Or not. Point is, go out with it, collect feedback and do it.

“My idea is going to be stolen!”

Do you think somebody will give a fuck about your idea? If we talk among startups, do you think your neighbor will steal the idea of your business? They are deep focused on their shit, and if your stuff can help them to simplify, help them. They should be the ones scared of wasting time testing your product or your new feature.

Collaboration is key when doing small businesses, it gives you traction to the product you’re developing.

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