Good morning! Today I woke up with some energy and a good vibe. I am dropping today my two cents about giving two cents to others.

I’ve been reading more about crush it, hustle, grinding and I feel more and more productive than ever. I wake up every morning with a strong desire to make stuff happen to me and those around me. Not only my team but also bringing value for those around me.

Yesterday’s two cents: “Just use Shopify”

At the current client I’m consulting, I used to look busy, not helping too much others, but right now I’m kind os starting getting keen on helping them whenever they have technical issues and are stuck, also giving my two cents whenever I can bring value to someone.

For example, I was at my current client, and two other contractors were struggling about: how could they just quickly start a webshop without all the hassle of setting up a server, a payment provider, image hosting, load balancer, high availability, and a custom design.

Of course I was hearing what they were talking about, but my experience given to me from accessART as well my Portuguese marketplace made me dump my two cents scout Shopify.

“Just use Shopify” – I said.

My colleague was: “what is Shopify?” – he didn’t know about it, or have heard about it but as the internet is a repository of noise, maybe has never given any attention to it.

I explained why is it good for my use case – I have no time to setting up a complex system, and explained how I’m using it to create an MVP for the Portugal’s marketplace

He was very grateful for my two cents about it. I showed him the interface of it, the pricing, the ability to write his own code to customise the templates, and the embedded CMS and blog that would allow him to have everything on one place.

This is the kind of value people need rather than start criticising or judging people. I used to make negative critics and judge a lot, stuff like: “this guy isn’t simply researching the best options on the market”, but now I’m more like: “why don’t I contribute with the little knowledge I have to help others to accomplish their wishes?“.

I’m not a physician, but when you use a lot of energy in physics, you’re going to have some result in return. I believe the very same principle applies in life – if you start using appropriate energy and applying to the proper projects at some point you’re going to get some results right?
That’s why I think if you apply the proper energy on your projects on your wishes on to stuff that you want to accomplish then you’re going to get results.

Imagine your are thinking on starting t a project. You start thinking about it, considering different different variables, in practice trying to make it work on your mind. At some point that project is working on your mind but then you don’t go to for the execution.

Spoiler alert – that project is DEAD!

Doesn’t matter to whom we talked about the project, doesn’t matter how much you write about it, If you don’t start executing then you’re not going to accomplish results you expect.

I often hear people talking about ideas that could be the next big thing, and these people are talented, knowledgeable, energetic. But giving the first step towards the execution can be scary. and I know that myself. I started so many projects (on my mind) before they were real…

When I initially started using hi5, when it started to become popular in Portugal, I thought: it would be nice to have a social network for professionals, so they could connect, write posts, share images or content with other people from their network. I started creating on my mind a social network for professionals. After few months I found LinkedIn… it could be a disappointment, and some how it was – I mean, I could have created some kind of it, except I didn’t even started – the idea didn’t came out of my mind.

When recently my friend Josh came to me and invited me to break through the recruitment market, and starting a project to revolutionise the recruitment (sixtyme), I thought: hell yeah, let’s get started. That’s why I started writing Of course isn’t easy: having a full time consulting job with clients, managing with my other business partner the e-commerce platform in Portugal, can make the life harder. Sometimes the hard work might make us feeling like giving up of everything.

My team keeps asking me:
– How do you manage to get sleep, having a life, giving valuable time to us to help with our job

And that’s indeed a very good question: How do I manage my time with so much going on?

The answer is Hustle – I’m going to share it on the next blog post.

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