What "Daminufe" means?

da-mi-nu-fe is an acronym. It stands for David Miguel Nunes Ferreira, the author's full name. What does he do? What makes him come out of the bed everyday?


CEO of bia.pt in Portugal
CTO of Sixtyme.com
Investor in StudioCo.de"
Everyday, David grinds to make business happen!


Full-stack Javascript developer, that aims to make technical side works. All David's platforms I am investing in, are in part developed or managed by his technical knowledge acquired since 2005.

Human being

After all the business and professional activity, David is a human being concerned about the others, helping friends to accomplish great things and motivating people around to leave their comfort zone.

“I don’t know how do you find time to get sleep”

– Ana Lindeza (David’s assistant)

What people say about David

These are three of many positive comments about David's work and effort to make business happening. Feel free to send yours!
Dean Wake

Dean Wake

Frontend Developer (Netherlands)

"David is passionate, skilled and inspired. He handles pressure and stress effortlessly and understands how to turn problems into solvable chunks of information. He has inspired me and made me a better developer."

Lucian Lazar

Lucian Lazar

Business Owner (Italy)

"David is a dedicated, ambitious, result driven and thoughtful individual. If you ever need someone to deliver under pressure, no slip-ups, just results, David is your man! He is great in dealing with difficult situations and he has a fantastic creative mind."

Coen Beusmans

Coen Beusmans

Freelance Designer

"It was great working with David on various projects that required feasible development solutions. We merged design and development in the process and effectively delivered to the clients."

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